2Lb Single Spool Active Closed Loop System




  • Stainless Solvent Storage Tank, 12x14", 28 LBS Butane
  • Material Column 2 LBS Column, 3x36 IN (2LB is the industry rating for this spool, 1.88 is more accurate)
  • Receiving Vessel With Jacketed Platter, 8x16 IN , 14 LBS Butane Capacity
  • Filter Drier 3x12 IN with 3A Sieve
  • CPS Explosion Proof Refrigerant Recovery Pump TRS-21
  • Condenser Coil, Small
  • Braided Hose 1/4 IN FSAE x 60 IN
  • 12 CFM Dual Stage Vacuum Pump VP2200
  • 5 Gallon Bucket. (Holding Vessel for Condenser)
  • Submersible Heater 1200 watts
  • 400 GPH Submersible Water Pump, UL Listed
  • 3/8" Silicone Tube, 10ft

Other items you may want/need (not included):

  • Dry Ice, Nugget or Rice
  • Solvent
  • Hopper, 8 IN x 3 IN
  • Material Filter Bag, 6 X60 IN, Fits 3-4 IN Spools
  • Solvent Leak Detector
  • Reusable Respirator Gas Mask - Large
  • Cryogenic Water Proof Gloves, 13.8 inch
  • Cast Aluminum Utility Scoop, 58-Ounce
  • Centrifugal Ignition Proof Fan With Ducting, 12 IN

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