Diamond Mine - 4X6" Jacketed




Our diamond mines come pre-built and pressure tested, ready for use. Available in multiple sizes, these mines are essential in the process of making live resin, sauce, and diamonds. 

This model is perfect for production scale, and the jacketed columns allows for far more temperature control options. It features a 4" tri clamp base that is 6" in height and fully jacketed. Above that a hemispherical head promotes even pressure through the vessel.

Two sight glasses allow you to shine a light in one and look through the other for an easy view of the crystallization. On the back you have a 1/4" SAE port with a valve for any vacuum or gas injection needs. On the front is a pressure gauge and an adjustable pressure relief valve so you don't have to check the vessel as often.

The jacket sleeve features valves and barb fittings to connect to various circulating systems for temperature control.

Total Height: 14"
Width From Relief Valve to SAE Nipple:10"
Width From Sight Glass to Sight Glass:6.5"


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