HFS(R) 6x48'' Jacketed Material Column




"Standard Material Column includes:
Top Cap Manifold
Hemispheric End Caps
Tri Clamp Spool
Filter Plate
Retaining Ring
Stackable Ring and Plate Set
High Pressure Clamp
Viton Gaskets
Mesh Screen Viton Gaskets, 100 Mesh (150 um) + 40 Mesh (420 um)
Bottom Cap Dump Valve"
Features: Jacketed Material Column
Material: Stainless Steel
Wall Density (MM): 3
Max Temp. (F): 250
Max Pressure (PSI): 100
Injection Type (IN): MJIC 1/2
Evacuation Type (IN): MJIC 1/2
Jacket OD (IN): 8
Jacket Length (IN): 44
Specifications: Material Column
Diameter (IN): 6
Height (IN): 48
Radius (IN): 3
Volume (Cu In): 1356.48
Butane Capacity (LBS): 24 - 30.00
Propane Capacity (LBS): 19.00 - 23.75
Biomass Capacity (LBS): 7.00 - 10.00
Specifications: Jacket
Fluid Capacity (L): 15.83
Fluid Capacity (Gal): 4.19
"HFS uses testing methods that focus on pressure-dependent leaks and microleaks to ensure that all systems function as safe and efficient as possible. 
We inject 100 PSI of AIR +  50 PSI NITROGEN and hold for 30-45 min.  "
Alternative End Caps
Adds a third valve to allow isolation.  Facilitates the throughput of solvent from one cap to the other.  The top cap will serve as a solvent distributer since a third valve will serve as an isolating element.  The strategically placed gauge will allow for the same control of this element as a traditional cap would. 

Facilitates the throughput of material from one cap to the other.  The bottom cap will serve as a material distributer since a third valve will serve as an isolating element.
**this will require shorter hoses.
Bottom: CLS-DUMP-VALVE-1.5 (No additional cost)
For Columns that will be mounted on the receiving vessel. 

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