Induction Liners for PET(500 Units)

HFSSKU: 14361-27MM-500PCS

Size: 27mm


Product:      PET Aluminum Foil Seal   
Scope:        Aluminum foil heat seal will provide a tamper-evident bond to Containers.
Composition:  Marterial                Standard                  Metric
              Pulp board               0.0216535"                0.55mm  ±0.02mm
              PET                      0.0006024"                0.0153mm±0.005mm
              Pure aluminum foil       0.0004724"                0.012mm ±0.001mm
              Heat Seal(adhesive)      0.000590"                 0.015mm ±0.01mm
Total thickness:0.6mm±0.05mm
FDA Status:21 CFR 177.1520   

Varied Size Foil Liner for induction Bottle (PET) Sealer Machine
Compatibility: Compatible with Polyethylene Terephthalate(PET)
Material: Aluminium and Paperbacking
Work for PET Plastic  Not Work for Glass and PE
size:  20mm, 23mm, 27mm,37mm, 38mm
Storage: Our induction liners are stored away from sunlight at temperatures between 60 -85 Deg F (15-30 Deg C) at 30 – 70% humidity.
Typical Applications: Food, Pharmaceuticals, Neutraceuticals, Cosmetics and general applications.
If you are unsure this product fit your requirement, Please contact us for a complementary consultation.

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