Polyester 53 um, Filter Bags, fit 4 in ID x 48 in L, (8x48 BAG)

Hardware Factory Store IncSKU: FILTERBAG-4IDx48L-53M



Monofilament Polyester mesh bags provide extra strength and abrasion resistance
Precision mesh materials produce predictable results for consistent performance
Silicone free to prevent cratering for a better surface finish
About Mesh Filter Bags
Constructed using a woven or knitted fabric. Whether your environment requires a single filament mesh that provides excellent strength with no fiber migration, or a woven multi-strand mesh designed for low-cost, disposable bags, we have your needs covered. The yarn in all our mesh filter bags is extremely abrasion resistant, resistant to a broad range of chemicals, unaffected by metal fatigue or corrosion, and boasts high tensile strength.
Chemically Compatible with:
Amyl Alcohol> (only up to 70°F)
Butyl Alcohol>
Diacetone Alcohol> (only up to 70°F)
Dowtherm> (only up to 70°F)
Ethyl Acetate>
Ethylene Glycol>
Glycol Monoether> (only up to 70°F)
Isopropyl Acete>
Isopropyl Alcohol>
Methane> (only up to 70°F)
Methyl Acetate>
Methyl Alcohol>
Methyl Cellosolve> (only up to 70°F)
Methyl Ethyl Ketone>
Methylene Chloride> (only up to 100°F)
Propane> (only up to 250°F)
Propylene Glycol>
Sodium Carbonate>
Sodium Chlorate> (only up to 180°F)
Sodium Chloride 10%>
Sodium Cyanide>
Sodium Peroxide> (only up to 70°F)
Steam> (only up to 220°F)
Sulfuric Acid 5%>
Sulfuric Acid 50%> (only up to 70°F)
Sulfuric Acid 96%> (only up to 70°F)
Sulfuric Acid Fuming>
Sulfurous Acid>

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