Pro-Pak Distilling Column Packing




Pro Pak: Are spherical pieces of stainless steel which have raised points on them. They create more surface area for the condensation of vapor. Again, these are random packing and cannot be strategically placed in the distillation column. Heli-pak: This packing is made of stainless steel wire, wrapped in a helical pattern, allowing for increased surface area.
Mainly used in laboratory and small batch, high purity product distillation separation process, and separation of stable isotopes and laboratory-scale isotope development. It is made of 60~100 mesh wire mesh, and the diameter is equal to the height. Commonly used materials include stainless steel, copper and so on. Because of the capillary action of wire mesh, the liquid can be well dispersed into the film, which is beneficial to the two terms of the gas and liquid to carry out the full mass transfer and heat transfer, and can obviously eliminate the instability of the ditch.
Under stable operation conditions, the theoretical plate number can reach up to 30 pieces per meter, which is one of the most commonly used laboratory bulk packings. Pro-Pak Distilling Column Packing
6 mm, 1 oz.

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