Rockwell Hardness Tester Gauge - Load 150 Kgf - Includes Accessories

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HFS New Rockwell Hardness Tester Machine 150KFG Accessories Hard Metal

Load range: 60kg. 100kg. 150kg. En

Max test height: 6.7" ; Depth of throat: 5.3"
Test blocks: 3-HRC Test block;1-HRB Test block;1-HRA Test block
Storage case dimension: 9" x 11-1/2" x 4"
Unit approx. weight: 150 LBS;Unit overall dimension: 18"L x 7"W x 24-1/2"H
The manually operated Rockwell hardness tester is highly appreciated for its perfection and very easy operation. This machine uses the standard preliminary test force of 10 kgf. and main loads of 60/100/150 kilograms conform to the international Rockwell standard. After each test. this tester shows the Rockwell B or Rockwell C hardness value directly on the dial indicator.

The preliminary test force has to be applied manually. followed by applying the main load by means of the lever at the right side of the hardness tester. After unloading the dial indicates the requested hardness value directly with high accuracy and repeatability.

-- Precision load mechanism for accurate hardness measurement

-- Simple test force selection by turning a wheel

-- Rockwell hardness value on a dial

-- Large working space and stable shaft for large specimen


-- All metal (ferrous/non-ferrous)

-- Hardened steel

-- Annealed steel

-- Bearings

-- Hard drawn aluminum alloys


-- Preliminary test force (minor load): 98.07N (10k9f)

-- Test force (test load): 588.4N (60kgf). 980.7N (100kgf). 1471 N (150kgf)

-- Table up/down drive: Manual

-- Load application: Lever (loading-duration-release)

-- Load duration: Conform standard

-- Hardness scales: HRA. HRB and HRC on dial scale

-- Accuracy: HRCÂ

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