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* Hazmat Freight Charges Will Apply*Local pick up availavle *Local Chemical and Dry Ice Deliveries for South California Call 626-332-7744 for Quote  
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R600 | 99.997% Ultra High Purity | Liquid solvent net weight is 24lbs/11kg. Your cylinder will arrive to you equipped with either a single or dual valve.  If you would like to specify which valve you are in need of, please call us directly for ordering.  Availability is determined by...
* Hazmat Freight Charges Will Apply * Local pick up availavle  * Local Chemical and Dry Ice Deliveries for South California  * Call 626-332-7744 for Quote  
Lightweight and portable: only 0.8Kg, all people can freely use. The fire extinguishing ball can be placed in fire prone areas or thrown into the fire source, and it will extinguish the fire within 3-5 seconds and sound an alarm of approximately 120 decibels. It also comes in a variety...