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7.5 cuft, Chamber Heating Power 2100W Oven Overall Size720*820*1750mm chamber size  22x23x25 inch (560*600*640mm) with 6 of  with Vacuum Pump and Mositer Filter Vacuum Oven : VRD-16 Volume Flow Rate: 16 M3/h Ultimate pressure : 4x10-2 Pa 0.75Kw/4 Poles 230V/50Hz Motor Speed 1440 Rmp Protection IP44  
The Square 1 Processing enhanced evaporation system is designed to meet everyclient’s needs within their limits of power available. Capable of evaporation ratesfrom 20 gallons per hour through 50 gallons per hour. Constructed of SS304, fullyTig welded and Electropolished for protection against a broad spectrum ofcorrosive compounds. Process volume and...
Overview: The Open Bath Heating Circulator stands as a robust temperature control unit, delivering powerful output for seamless thermal regulation in multiple directions. Its exceptional versatility, coupled with broad chemical compatibility, opens the door to a myriad of applications.  Key Features: Powerful Performance: With a heating capacity of 10 kW,...
Overview: The DT2S-40 is a powerhouse, tailor-made for 2-stage processes, presenting a singular solution that perfectly aligns with the demands of true manufacturing lines. Key Features: 2-Stage Excellence: Specifically designed for a seamless 2-stage extraction process, optimizing efficiency and precision. Certified Storage: Equipped with 2x 160L ASME certified storage vessels...
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