Media Comparison

Media Comparison

Original Sample


All tests were processed in the same SOP, it was run at room temperature solvent with the
same volume of biomass to filtration media. The samples were run in comparison of Texalon
filtration media to competitors of the same filtration media.
The Biomass was always 4lbs @ 454g per lb
The Media was used at 278g with only silica for the silica sample test
The media ends up being used at a 15.33% to biomass

1. Texalan 60a

2. Texalan 723 silic

3. Chem tek 60a

4. Carbone chemistry 60a

The Biomass was always 4lbs @454g per lb
The media was used at 226g silica with 300g of comparable T41/Chlorosorb/Texalon acid B

The silica was used at a 12.45% to biomass the comparable clay media was used at 16.52%
with a total combination of 28.97% total to biomass

5. Chem Tek Chlorosorb/60a

6. Texalon 60a/Acid activated B Clay

7. Carbon Chemistry 60a/T41
We also tested Media Bros at the advised rate 250g per Lb of biomass. This sample was
processed at room temperature with 1000g CRY to the 4Lb of biomass at 454 g per lb.

8. Media Bros CRY

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