Dry Ice

We have dry ice available at incredible prices. Whether you want nugget or rice, we have you covered. We can fill your personal coolers, provide ice in boxes, or even provide professional grade ice bins for large quantities.


Need large amounts of dry ice every week? We offer delivery services for large orders at weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis from Central California to San Diego! Give our sales team a call today for a quote!

Delivering Cool Solutions for Your Needs


Welcome to HFS Dry Ice, your one-stop destination for all your dry ice needs! We specialize in providing high-quality dry ice for both personal and professional applications. We understand the importance of maintaining optimal temperatures for your perishable products, scientific experiments, or event-related purposes. That's why we offer two convenient options: delivery right to your doorstep or in-store pickup.

Direct to your spot Delivery:

At Dry Ice Direct, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to using dry ice. That's why we offer a reliable and swift delivery service for our customers. Simply place your order calling 626 332 7744, and we will make sure that your dry ice is delivered promptly and safely to your preferred location. Our efficient delivery process ensures that your dry ice maintains its quality and effectiveness upon arrival.

In-Store Pickup:

For customers who prefer to pick up their dry ice in person, we have a well-stocked store with a friendly and knowledgeable staff to assist you. Choose from our wide range of available dry ice products and discuss any specific requirements with our experts. You can place your order online, and we'll have it ready for pickup at your convenience.

Our Products:

We offer a variety of dry ice products to suit different applications, including:

  1. Dry Ice Pellets 
  2. Dry Ice rice

Safety First:

At HFS Dry Ice, we prioritize the safety of our customers. That's why we provide detailed information on the safe handling and storage of dry ice, ensuring that you can utilize our products without