10L Dual Head Short Path Distillation Kit


Size: 10L


Round Bottom Flask, 10L, 3-neck,one vertical 24/40 center neck and two vertical 34/45 side necks;

Short Path Distillation Head, Vacuum Jacketed;

Thermometer Inlet Adapter, Internal Thread, 24/40 ;

Inlet Adapter, Internal Thread, 14/20;

Distillation Cow Receiver, 1-to-1, 24/40;

Pear-shaped Flask, 2000mL, 1-neck, Hand Blown, 24/40 ;

Glass Funnel, 4" opening, 24/40;

Keck Clamp, 24/40, plastic;

Keck Clamp, 24/40, Stainless Steel;

Keck Clamp, 34/45, Stainless Steel;

Hexagonal glass bottle stopper, 14/20;

Hexagonal glass bottle stopper, 24/40;

Cork Ring Stand for Flask, 3pcs 110mm, 1pcs 160mm;

Silicone Tubing, 8mm I.D, 14mm O.D 10;

Stainless Steel lab Jack, 15X15CM;

Glass Thermometer, 300C;

Sealing Gasket for Screw thermometer Inlet;

Adapter, 24/40";

clamp holder;

Lab Support Stand;

3-prong Condenser Clamp;

Glass T Adapter, 3/8";

vacuum grease;

1/2" fiberglass insulating rope;

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