4A Blue Indicating Molecular Sieve

Carbon ChemistrySKU: SV445020

Size: 2kg


4A sieve is used for drying moisture from solvents such as propane and butane. It can also remove moisture from the environment. Indicating sieve turns from blue to beige when they are saturated.

  • Blue color turns beige when saturated (indicating)
  • Purifying gases and liquids
  • Removing water vapor from hydrocarbons and alcohol vapor
  • As a drying agent for solvents
  • Beads can be reused – just reheat them in an oven, which dehydrates/reactivates them
  • Useful for removing carbon dioxide from streams of air passing over the beads

NOTICE: In order to guarantee our chemicals are factory-fresh and untainted, we cannot accept consumables as returns for any reason.

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