98L Extraction Centrifuges HermeticSS304 230V/60HZ/3P EX Proof UL Certified

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Title: CFE30
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The CF30 series centrifuge is top discharging, hermetic closure type equipment. The material is fed into the drum through the feeding pipe on the hermetic closure casing; under the action of the centrifuge force field, the liquid-phase passes through the filter medium and the discharged out of the machine, while the solid-phase material is retained inside the drum and, after the machine is stopped, the material is discharged from the top. The centrifuge has features such as smooth running, easy & convenient operation as well as conducting feeding, washing and dehydrating under the state of hermetic closure, etc.

Product Details:

Diameter: 500MM
Working Volume ~98L
Dry hemp: ~30lbs/batch
Speed: 1600 rpm
Motor: UL Certified 3.KW Ex-Proof
Overall size: 1360mm X 920mm X1300mm
Power: 230V/60HZ/3P

304 Sanitary Stainless-Steel Construction
Reinforced Sight Glass
Bi-Directional Agitation
Auto/Manual Controls
Digital HMI Interface
Variable Speed Control
Easy Material Loading/ Unloading
Heavy-Duty Spin Drying
Support provided


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