Automatic Self-Activation Fire Extinguisher Ball Fire Suppression Device

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Lightweight and portable: only 0.8Kg, all people can freely use.

The fire extinguishing ball can be placed in fire prone areas or thrown into the fire source, and it will extinguish the fire within 3-5 seconds and sound an alarm of approximately 120 decibels. It also comes in a variety of sizes with a mounting, suitable for placing in a variety of spaces and even a kid can use it in case of emergency.

Rapid response: In the event of sudden fire, the fire mechanism in the automatic fire extinguisher will promptly trigger in 2-3 seconds to suppress the fire, contain loss to a minimum ensuring maximum protection of life and property.

Application: power outlet, power distribution cabinets, kitchens, warehouses, hotels, shopping malls, automobile, shipbuilding and other fire-prone areas.

Made of Environmental harmless Dry Powder(NH4H2PO4) harmless to humans and environment and has a fire activation mechanism activated with contact to a fire flame. Effective for Class A / B / C / E / F fires.

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