14 LBS Dual Filter Hydrocarbon Extraction Systems



HFS’ BRS14, is a hydrocarbon extraction system that provides any lab technician the ultimate filtration potential. The intelligently designed system allows for artisanal results with a larger throughput than any traditional extractor. This multi-vessel, rack-mounted, system allows for essential oil extraction and winterization while remediating color and/or pesticide.

The vertical storage tank has a large solvent capacity of 200 LBS, which translates to higher processing potential between every recharge. A jacketed exterior for insulation and an internal condenser for heat exchange complement each other to create a safer and more efficient run.

A vessel with a capacity of 14-17 LBS of biomass is top-filled through a heat exchange. This method of “cold injection” gives confidence to saturation rates which translates to higher yields. This technique along with the large-capacity material column work together to provide high throughput potential.

The dedicated winterization column, with its graduated filtration stack allows for a swift degumming process. The narrow passage allows for high rates of winterization and the multiple layers of various porosities prevents this element from becoming an obstacle itself. Filtration ranges from 20um to 1um.

Ample space is available in the receiving vessel to prevent any unnecessary delays as it can take 72-90LBS of Butane. A key feature in its designed is its engineered evacuation port. This feature allows for the option to evacuate the freshly extracted concentrate or send it to a secondary filter.

The concentrate can begin its journey through absorbent media for color and/or pesticide removal. The remediation column hosts a perfect load of media for a single run per single charge ration

A secondary receiving vessel is dedicated to the Remediation column for those who choose to apply techniques of small batch filtering. This vessel prevents cross contamination between filtered and unfiltered material.

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