Bucket Heater, 1000 W / 1500 W Immersion Bucket Water Heater with Thermostat and Electric Immersion Heating Element, Submersible Water Heater with Auto Shutoff / UL-Listed

KingworkSKU: HEATER-1000W

样式: 1000W


Applications - This Kingwork heavy duty and portable bucket water heater heats water only. Use for cold weather and travel. Perfect for winter time jobs.
Thermostat Feature - The silver-colored stainless steel tube contains a thermal overload safety switch, it can automatically cycle on and off as needed to maintain water temperature. It will not overheating and save power.
Guard - The stainless-steel guard on the electric bucket heater protects the heating element from directly contacting persons or animals. The heater is safe for use in all pails, buckets and bathtubs, make sure the container designed to contain boiling water.
Simple Operation - Immerse in water at proper level. Plug into any grounded wall outlet. Check power indicator light in plug to make sure unit is on. It will heat water continuously over 180 degrees F and towards boiling.
UL-Listed to the safety standards, 12-month warranty. Package included: 1 pack bucket heater + Manual.

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