CMEP-710 Recovery Pump



CMEP710 PRO oil less explosion proof butane propane recovery pump recovery pump is specially designed for oil extraction,it adopts UL listed explosion proof motor and food grade stainless steel with ultra fast recovery rate


Unique Advantages of  explosion proof recovery pump


1. Continuous 100% duty cycle with 5000 hours maintenance time – run 24/7

2. super fast recovery rate-two times faster than MVP

3. High working pressure rated for butane and propane

4. Specially designed for Hydrocarbon solvent extraction

5. Pulls deep vacuum degree

6. NEMA UL listed C1D1 5HP explosion proof motor for hazardous area

7. No air compressor required

8. Food grade stainless steel and PTFE seals

9. No CO2 gas pump head charge

10. No more heat and save some dry ice -water condenser for cooling solvent including water condensing compressor cylinder head

11. Easy maintenance operation

12. Recovers 100% solvent with recovery tank cooling


Specification of explosion proof recovery pump


1.Application refrigerants:R600A/R600/R290,etc


2.Compressor flow rate:18CFM


3.High pressure protection:2.5Mpa


4.Ultimate Vacuum:-29.7inHg


5.Voltage:380V  50Hz 3PH/240V 60Hz 1PH





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