HFS(R) 14x24'' Jacketed Vessel with Mounting Arms




Features: Vessel
Material: Stainless Steel
Lid Type: Bolted
Top Connection (IN): 3x Tri Clamp 1.5
Top Connection (IN): 2x FNPT 1/2
Bottom Connection (IN):Tri Clamp 6
Gasket Type:Viton
Sight Glass Size: (IN): 2
Wall Density (MM): 3
Max Temp. (F): 250
Max Pressure (PSI): 100
Jacket Connection Type (IN): FNPT 1/2
Jacket OD (IN): 18
Jacket Length (IN): 24
Specifications: Vessel
Diameter (IN): 14
Height (IN): 24
Radius (IN): 7
Volume (Cu In): 3692.64
Fluid Capacity (L): 60.45
Fluid Capacity (Gal): 15.99
Butane Capacity (LBS): 65.33 - 81.67
Propane Capacity (LBS): 51.72 - 64.66
Biomass Capacity (LBS): 19.06 - 27.22
3A Sieve Capacity (LBS): 108.89
Nugget Ice Capacity (LBS): 87.11
Specifications: Jacket
Fluid Capacity (L): 43.26
Fluid Capacity (Gal): 11.44
Sleeve Ice Capacity (LBS): 62.33

Specifications: Sight Glass
Body Material: Stainless Steel
Glass Material: Borosilicate
Glass Sealing Material: PTFE and Viton
Max Pressure: 100 PSI

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