Media Bros CRX Filter Media

Media BrosSKU: MB-CRX-1.5KG

Size: 1.5KG


CRX(TM) zeolite is a natural nontoxic all-purpose media for removing color bodies. It improves clarity and unlocks crystallization potential in botanical oils while preserving terpenes.

CRX(TM) filtration media works for all hydrocarbon extractions. The high surface area, non-swelling, large format media designed to keep you running faster and safer with keeping in-line pressure drops in your system at a minimum.

CRX(TM) requires no mixing or preparation prior to use. It is heat treated, dried, and shipped ready to use.

CRX™ is the new standard in all around color remediation media for in-line hydrocarbon extraction. Designed for high flow, safety, and ease of use, CRX™ is great at removing unwanted colors while maintaining the most terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Its granular size allows for high flow and low pressure drops. Baking, prepping, and packing the media are a thing of the past. CRX™ is ready to go right out of the package.

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