Molecular Sieve Zeolite 3A 8X12m


Size: 3A 500G


Bead Size: 1.6~2.5
Bulk Density:  ≥0.70~0.82 g/ml
Equilibrium Water Capacity @25℃: ≥ 19.0~20.0 wt%
Equilibrium Ethylene Capacity: ≤3.0mg/g
Heat of Adsorption: BTU/lb of H2O  1800
Point Contact: N≥20~58
Variation Coefficient: 0.3
Attrition Rate: wt%≤ 0.1
Size Qualification %≥ 98
Package Moisture: wt%≤ 1.5
Applied in the desiccating process of industrial gas and gas purification in air separation unit;
Improve theability to absorb carbon dioxide and water so as to avoid the occurrence of cold tower phenomenon in air separation process.
High CO2 adsorption capacity, low regeneration temperature and long service life;
Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, liquid paraffin (propane, butane) dehydration and desulfurization (removal of H2S and mercaptan);
Ammonia synthesis gas drying and purification.
Desulfurization aerosol propellant deodorant.

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