Nylon Filter Bag Socks 53UM - Filter Bags

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Filter socks are available in various sanitary sizes and in various lengths. Mesh size is available in 53 or 90 um.

Filter socks make loading and unloading spools way faster and easier. Keep production costs down by hot-swapping socks and continuing to process material with less downtime.

**NOTICE** These socks do not feature extra material around the top collar which can stretch around the top of the column, they will only fit inside the column. **

[Size]: 53um.

[Quality Materials]: The Filter Bag is made of high quality Nylon, which is durable, stable, rust and corrosive resistance and good for long time using.

[Precise Design]: The filter bag is designed to fit Spool.

[Wide Range of Applications]:The filter bag is used to filter impurities during the reaction process,It is suitable for different media with working highest Temperature at 248℉. Resistant to many chemicals, unaffected by metal fatigue or corrosion, and have high tensile strength.

[Convenient organization and storage]: 1PC Packed in a small plastic bag. The filter bag life depends on the working environment and the frequency of using, Check it Regularly for aging, damaged or hardening.






















Chemically Compatible with:
Amyl Alcohol> (only up to 70°F)
Butyl Alcohol>
Diacetone Alcohol> (only up to 70°F)
Dowtherm> (only up to 70°F)
Ethyl Acetate>
Ethylene Glycol>
Glycol Monoether> (only up to 70°F)
Isopropyl Acete>
Isopropyl Alcohol>
Methane> (only up to 70°F)
Methyl Acetate>
Methyl Alcohol>
Methyl Cellosolve> (only up to 70°F)
Methyl Ethyl Ketone>
Methylene Chloride> (only up to 100°F)
Propane> (only up to 250°F)
Propylene Glycol>
Sodium Carbonate>
Sodium Chlorate> (only up to 180°F)
Sodium Chloride 10%>
Sodium Cyanide>
Sodium Peroxide> (only up to 70°F)
Steam> (only up to 220°F)
Sulfuric Acid 5%>
Sulfuric Acid 50%> (only up to 70°F)
Sulfuric Acid 96%> (only up to 70°F)
Sulfuric Acid Fuming>
Sulfurous Acid>

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Nylon Filter Bag Socks 53UM - Filter Bags

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