Poly Grow Bag Planters Grow Bag, Panda Film, Black inside and White out


Size: 3 GALLON 50 PCS/PK


The economical and durable plastic grow bags are widely used in horticulture
industry, best for tree seedlings, vegetable or fruit plant nursery, such as tomatoes,
cucumbers, strawberry, Pepper and so on.

Black and White Poly Grow Bags are black on the inside to reflect light back to the
plants, and white on the outside to reflect heat away from the roots.
These grow bags are fluted and will easily stand upright when filled with growing

Pre-punched holes for proper drainage to prevent root rot.
Made of high-quality virgin PE / Polyethylene or recycled material depending on
customer’s requirements.

6 months to 2 years UV stability treated on the white side

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