Vacuum Pump Exhaust Mist Filter

HFSSKU: 11889A



This clear exhaust filter has KF25 fittings on each end, allow for quick attachment to your pump and any additional filtration systems.

Attach this filter to you vacuum pump exhaust o reduce noise, smoke, and oil mist from being introduced to you environment. Oil-filled pumps naturally smoke and emit oil mist from their exhaust as a by-product of how they work, this filter will reduce those inconveniences and provide a sager working environment.

When installing, the arrow indicated direction of airflow. If installed directly on the exhaust of a pump, the arrow should face up towards the sky.

Please note you may need an adapter to fit this to your pump. For HFS pumps you will need a 3/4" NPT to KF25 adapter. This will go in place of your current exhaust cap.

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